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Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

Face framing layers with the finest texture runs in a perfect curve all around her features. The combination of very long, sleek hair and this precise cut comes with a little bit of retro flavor, but a lot of modern technique and a very sophisticated vibe.
The finesse begins with the texture, as fine as a feather and it ends with the honey blonde hair color that is invigorated by golden blonde shades.
For styling the hair was blown dry over a good styling brush, pulling it straight. The finish was given with a hot iron. A little gloss or shine spray and ready is a fascinating long hairstyle that combines the old and the new like no other.
Hair: Kate Hubbard at Royston Blythe
Make-up: Gary Cockerel
Photographer: David Goldman
Products: L'Oréal Professional
Collection: Metropolis
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