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Precision Scissor-cut

Here we see an abstract and asymmetrical hair design. This is hair design as avant garde artform. Suited to a straight hair type, the style features combined elements of scissor-cut precision around the temples, fringe and ears, combined with choppy razor texture in the central forehead, back and top and crown sections.

Styling combines elements of straight smoothing, with a crimping iron to give texture to certain areas while accentuating the spiky texture in others. The hair should be blown mostly dry, and light dabs of styling wax used to give lift and definition to the style. A fine patterned crimping iron can be used to give the wavy look to specific points along the head as desired.
Short haircut with spiky texture
Collection: Kolekcja 2007
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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