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Precision Haircut

This style for straight hair types is cut for precision with shears to create the super sharp lines of the fringe, but the asymmetrical side strands are clearly razor textured to give a wispy finish and draw the eye to the soft curve of the jaw and neck. The first image shows the haircut in a smooth finish after blow-drying and flat iron smoothing.

The second image offers a variation on the style, by taking the sides and directing them with a round brush to bend and wave forward toward the face. This can be accomplished by using a strong gel or wax-based mousse product to give structure to the style. The lightness created by the heavy razoring is essential to remove the excess weight from the hair.
Short Haircut with razoring and asymmetrical side strands - Side view
Collection: Kolekcja 2007
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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