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Smooth & Wavy Hair Styling

Here with have a combination of smooth and wavy styling suited to wavy hair types that are thick and medium in texture. The cut is layered along the sides and back and has a blunt cut fringe. The first image shows the hair styled so that the fringe is smooth and sleek, while the sides and back are scrunched into a mane of curly hair to frame the face. The hair should be styled using a diffused dryer and a liberal amount of styling gel for maximum hold.

In the second image, the hair is gathered back into an upstyle using combs or clips of some type which leaves the ends free but offers support to elevate the hair toward the back of the head. The styling gel previously applied give the hair enough structure to allow it to stand out in the back and create the topiary effect you see. If added strength is desired, use a styling wax or hair spray to cement certain areas for integrity.