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Long Layered Haircut

Here we have a long layered cut designed for thick, coarse, wavy-haired types. The cut is shown in the first image styled loose and free into a mane of waves. This look is achieved by scrunching the hair as it is dried with a diffuser to maximize the wave in the hair. Afterward, a dab of styling product can be used to rescrunch and add definition to the waves.

The second image shows the haircut styled a little differently. Here the hair is dried and styled as above, but finished by pulling it back loosely in the hands and giving it a loose horizontal twist and securing the hair with pins. The goal is to create a shape and leave design accent strands free to frame the face and soften the shape created. If you experience frizz, try misting with hairspray and patting the hair to control fly away strands.
long hair with scrunching

Collection: Kolekcja 2007
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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