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Long Style for Curly Hair

Here we have a long hairstyle perfect for curly hair types to make ample use of the natural curl of the hair. The hair is cut in a long-layered cut to distribute the volume within the hairstyle. Use a generous amount of product on the still wet hair when styling (including anti-frizz serum and styling gel) then blot the excess moisture from the hair.
The cut should be dried using a diffused blow-dryer and possibly with the head inverted to maximize the lift and volume of the finished style. Use the fingers to scrunch and direct the curls as you dry the hair to a mostly dry state. A dab of styling wax can be used to create definition and a curling iron can be used to create target areas of specific curl patterns.
Collection: Jesien-Zima 2005
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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