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Layered Long Hair for Men

Long hair for men is once again trendy, but only when it is this stylish. All grown out with a lot of layers is the way to go for fashionistos of the day who feel the spirit of freedom and of rock'n roll. These locks shake well when he plays his guitar and also make him look good on his motorcycle.
The fine ripples in the texture are the result of a natural wave or they can also be created by mussing and massaging the hair with a bit of gel. This also creates the cool wet look and helps a lot with keeping the styling in place. For this version the hair was pulled into the face. Individual strands are brought out more with a bit of wax or gel.
Collection: Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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