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Retro Up-Style Sideways

A view from the side often reveals more of the secrets of a hairstyle than just looking at the frontal image. Now we see what happened to the rest of the fringe! It was turned into a coy curl around the side of her eye. Simple but so very effective to increase style and temptation. To incorporate all of the length into her up-style, the hair was brushed upward, then rolled to various soft barrels and pinned down.
It is fairly easy to do and there are no rules on how many rolls should be shaped. A great way to immediately modifying this look is to switch hair bands. This one is on the sporty side, but imagine a rhinestone studded one or a shiny lacquer.
Collection: Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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