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Going Short with Flair

Don't fear sharp angles and points! With the fine texture and the warm color, the geometric lines of this gamine short haircut are softened and very feminine. Influences from the 1980s are undeniable, but toned down to their very essence and thus made wearable for contemporary minded women. Sides are flawless with their sharp cutting line that surrounds the ear and ends in a darling little point right at the cheekbone.
The long bangs are cut in a steep angle and textured for more lightness. The crown is styled towards the front, which brings interesting movement to the top. Last but not least there is the magic of the luscious brown color refreshed with the subtle radiance of highlights.
Collection: Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter
Photographer: Gabriel Dimanos, Köln, Germany
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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