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Hairdos for winter
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These looks are styled perfectly. Très chic!
A new confidence can be seen in the hairstyles: It has to be perfect, the new chic. And that should be visible as well! Elaborately styled hairdos with brilliant color effects are the key elements of this collection.
The word is style and styling. An astonishing multitude of different visuals. The bandwidth shows change at the highest level. Baroque opulence, modern glam rock, and an androgynous aesthetic are the deciding keywords for new trends for women. A requirement here, of course, is the professional finishing techniques of the hairstylists.
We can find fashionable inspiration from the movie divas, models, and pop stars of the 1960s and 1970s. The looks of Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, the ABBA girls, and Farah Fawcett are interpreted in the spirit of the year without any compromise. And they look awesome! Hairstyles that shine. In every situation. For each occasion. Today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Appropriate and trendy for the job and daily life, super stylish for the evening appearance in the lounge or at the scene club.
Gone are the days of Iroquois styles and messy heads. Style is rocking and unconventional. For men, we celebrate the comeback of the "mushroom." A hairstyle that is inseparably connected to the name of the Beatles experiences even a double revival: Men wear it in a modern variation with short or long hair. A strong structure gives more flexibility to the cut and offers many different styling possibilities. The contours are no longer cut as precisely and harsh, but softer and fringier.
Screaming colors are so yesterday. When it comes to color, everything that is bright and blinding is left behind. Modern accents are more natural and subtle. Dark and muted browns like ebony or nougat dominate. In the lighter tones, copper and rosewood nuances set the tone. The hair colors emphasize the shape and give a noble shine and autumn glow to the hair.

Boyish Yet Feminine Short Hair

Androgynous boyish short hair inspired by supermodel Twiggy
Androgynous aesthetics create accents of a different kind. A garçon cut can be this feminine. Forerunner: the supermodel Twiggy, who astonished the fashion world at the end of the 1960s with her boyish short hair.
The compact top hair, the strong sideburns, and the rounded bangs provide the basic shape. The androgynous aesthetic is softened with some soft lines and offers a multitude of styling variations. The hair shimmers in a dark ebony tone.

Flamboyant Garçon Hairstyle

Extravagant garçon hairstyle with teased top hair
A flamboyant appearance to cause a stir this fashion winter. In its straight version, the garçon cut appears purist and defined. For the big appearance in the wintry fashion theater, it turns into an extravagant hairstyle that will catch all eyes.
Top hair and back are teased, and extra hold is blow-dried into the root areas. The bangs are styled straight onto the forehead. A special color effect is an iridescent copper blonde. Girlish and flamboyant, the perfect Lolita.

Hair Beneath the Shoulders

Beneath the shoulders hair
Baroque shapes for pure femininity. One hairstyle - two different looks. The basis is a cut in two lengths.
The hair in the front areas reaches chin length, while the hair in the back of the head extends far beneath the shoulders. The result is an opulent look that enchants with baroque shapes and flowing lines. With the back hair pinned up, a voluminous bob emerges in a romantic, flowing motion. Colorful highlights in shiny nougat brown add to the allure.

Agneta Faltskog Inspired Hairstyle

70s hairstyle inspired by Abba singer Agneta Faltskog
A long mane with much movement and the glamour of the 1970s. The same cut, different looks. This time, it is inspired by lifestyle icons of the 70s like Farah Fawcett and ABBA singer Agnetha.
The mix of waves and curls, styled wild and elegant, presents glamour and luxury in a very attractive way. The updos reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn appear classical and attractive. A great color to enhance it all is a golden rosewood tone.

Beatles Inspired Men's Fashion

Beatles inspired men's hair fashion
The mushroom head - a legend lives on. While making rock history with their songs and casually revolutionizing men's fashion on the side, the Beatles made it world-famous.
Modern-day Britpop bands like Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs help the mushroom maintain a current cult status. The shorter version has softer transitions, slimmer side areas, and the back of the head heavily structured with a razor, all of which open up the compact shape.

Longer Hair for Men

Longer fashion hair for trend conscious men
Confident in style and expressive in the dress code of the neo-mods. Longer hair is still an important topic in men's fashion. The longer variation of the mushroom, therefore, just follows the logic of fashion.
And this is absolutely secure in the dress code of the trend-conscious neo-mods. The compact shape of the frontal areas remains; the hair is, depending on the length, strongly layered with scissors. Very expressive is the coloring: the roots are darker, while the upper hair is highlighted in several pieces.

Modern Rocking Hair

Rocking men's hair
Rocking hair certainly meets the Zeitgeist. The longer mushroom appears more rebellious, mirroring the spirit of these days. Rock bands like Oasis bring it back to life.
It's casual provocation that reflects the current zeitgeist. The dense bangs are cut symmetrically, the sideburns are wide, soft, and fringy. The structural cut enables modern styling techniques. Also, in this case, the roots are colored darker, while lengths and tips are accentuated in lighter tones.
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