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The new looks in hair fashion are styled perfectly. Très chic!
A new confidence can be seen in the new hair trends: Perfect it has to be, the new chic. And that should be visible as well! Elaborate styled hairdos with brilliant color effects are the trademarks for the fall/winter season.
The word is style and styling. An astonishing multitude of different visuals. The bandwidth shows change at the highest level. Baroque opulence, modern glam rock and an androgynous esthetic are the deciding key words for new trends for women. A requirement here, of course, are the professional finishing techniques of the hairstylists.
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  • Image of short women's hairstyle
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  • Image of hairstyle with movement
  • Image of modern men's hairstyle
  • Image of long male hairdo
  • Image of modern hair styling
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We can find fashionable inspiration from the movie divas, models and pop stars of the 60s and 70s. The looks of Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, the ABBA girls and Farah Fawcett are interpreted in the spirit of the year without any compromise. And they look awesome! Hairstyles that shine. In every situation. For each occasion. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Appropriate and trendy for job and daily life, super stylish for the evening appearance in the lounge or at the scene club.
Gone are the days of Iroquois styles and messy heads. Style it is, rocking and unconventional. For the men we celebrate the comeback of the "mushroom". A hairstyle that is inseparably connected to the name of the Beatles experiences even a double revival: Man wears it in a modern variation with short or with long hair. A strong structure gives more flexibility to the cut and offers many different styling possibilities. The contours are not any longer cut as exactly and harsh, but softer and fringier.
Screaming colors are so yesterday. When it comes to color everything that is bright and blinding is left behind. Modern accents are more on natural and subtle. Dark and muted browns like ebony or nougat dominate. In the lighter tones copper and rosewood nuances set the tone. The hair colors of the season emphasize the shape and give a noble shine and autumn glow to the hair.
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