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Hairstyle with a Soft Feathery Effect

This short look is all about texture and color. This heavily-layered cut is even more heavily textured and styled to create a soft feathery effect in the hair. The addition of luscious ruby red color under the sable black creates an interesting design and blending effect. The look is at once exotic and enticing. Note the subtle texturing in the fringe, creating a translucent effect (you can just make out the line of the eye brows through the semi-sheer curtain of fringe).
This is a hairstyle that might translate more readily into use with more mainstream types. This is because much of the more exotic elements can be toned down with styling. It makes a perfect style for the young woman who wants a look she can dress up or dress down as the occasion calls for by adjusting the styling techniques.
Collection: Nadia De Marco
Hair: Nadia De Marco, Hair Machine, North Adelaide, Australia
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