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Cutting Edge Style

It takes a special woman who can look both beautiful and imposing and this is a cut that will help make that statement clearer. With a clean, sharp line from ear to ear and longer, razor-shaped layers in the nape area this style is nothing less than "cutting edge".
When you add in the bold splashes of color, the look goes from funky to fantastic. The smooth styling gives it a finish that says "don't mess with me."
This is a look that screams "look at me" but also warns that there is a "don't you dare touch" in there somewhere. It's a style that would be at home anywhere that the lights are flashing, the music is loud and bodies are in constant motion.
Hair: Damien Rinaldo, Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
Make-up: Dale Dorning
Photography: Oz
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
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