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Short Hair with Razor-Soft Texture

This hairstyle is a beautiful example of the virtues of asymmetry and razor-soft texture. A short layered style with a long, side-swept fringe, blown straight and styled to contour to the shape of the skull, the cut enhances the lines of the long, graceful neck. The side texture and fringe give balance to the long lines of the jaw, cheeks and nose.
The look is exotic, yet comforting and compelling. You want to reach out and touch the sable strands to see if they are as silky as they look. And I guarantee you that most any many who sees the style will spend at least he first few moments wishing he could be that wispy lock that lightly brushes your cheek.
Hair: Damien Rinaldo, Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
Make-up: Dale Dorning
Photography: Oz
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
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