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Precision Shaped Bob

At first glance, this hairstyle appears to be carved of highly polished cherry wood. The rich warm color and the smooth, glossy finish produce such a clean, sleek look that the style seems one solid piece rather than made of hundreds of thousands of strands.
The cut is pure precision, a carefully shaped bob that contours to follow the lines of the head with some asymmetrical variance and the finish of a long, smooth tail grown out from the nape of the neck.
This is hair as high-fashion - smooth as silk, and soft as mink - and the close-framing effect around the eyes gives it a sultry quality that recalls the femme-fatales and vamps of Hollywood's Golden Age.
Hair: Damien Rinaldo, Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
Make-up: Dale Dorning
Photography: Oz
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
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