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A masterpiece in all of its aspects. This short haircut fits her like a glove. Lines of modern art take hair design out of any box and a whole new world of possibilities evolves. There is no limit to imagination and if you can dream it, you can also be it.
The cut around her face was executed with laser precision and is wonderfully balanced by the choppy texture on top. A graduation as fine as velvet never ceases to fascinate and each variation of the cut has its very own bold character. The hair color is a daring combination of bright copper, pink and a deep fuchsia.
Collection: Evolution Hairstyles Collection
Hair: Farouk Systems
Color: CHI Ionic - Permanent Shine Hair Color
Styling & Finishing: CHI Rocket Dryer, CHI Iron, CHI 44 Iron Guard, CHI Infra Texture Hairspray, CHI Shine Infusion
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