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Up-Style with Billows and Waves

This is a sculptured creation that celebrates texture and wave in a Victorian-inspired up-style. Soft masses of curl are piled on top of the head to create billows and waves. Gently winding tendrils spill out and over the body of the hair and cascade down the sides to add interest and balance, as well as to frame the face.
The fringe is cut long and styled in a sweeping curve across the forehead and around the eyes to draw focus. The hair color is a carefully-crafted blend of golden blonde and soft faun color, evenly dispersed, that increases the interplay of light off of the curls and waves in the style.
Collection: Eclectic
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes - Mieka Hairdressing (Using Wella High Hair)
Colour: Tracey Hughes (Using Wella Koleston Perfect)
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Make-Up: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Aaron Love
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