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Bridal Hairstyle with a Bun

This session inspired hairstyle was created by sectioning off the fringe area in front of the crown and dividing the back section in to two large and one small ponytail at the crown. The first large section is backcombed with the fingers and then twisted into a large bun and secured, this process is repeated for the second large section.
The smaller central section is backcombed at the roots and mid lengths pinned forward and then turned back over itself, the ends are secured under the section at the back of the head. The fringe section is swept across the forehead, loosely over the ear and secured into the bun. The hair on the other side is swept back and secured at the section at the back of the head. Some strands of hair are teezed out and backcombed with the fingers.
Hair: Royston Blythe Artistic Team for L'Oréal
Dresses: Margot Raybold, Beatties, Wolverampton
Make up: Justin Collins
Photographer: David Goldman
Products: L'Oréal Professional
Collection: Beautiful Brides
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