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Twisted Hair

Spiral locks got over their romantic roots and are now sizzling hot falling into her face as a raging cascade. The bangs are truly the star of this look which is short in the back. The key to its success is in the styled and unstyled chemistry. To achieve the disheveled glamour the hair is run through a curling iron to create the seemingly random, but yet balanced pattern.
A narrow peek-a-boo opening in the fringe allows her to throw her smoldering glances into the world. Dangerous in its nature this hairstyle needs an equally disarming color and the medium blonde with lightning streaks of light blonde is more than appropriate to wreak havoc.
Collection: Synergy
Hair: Sean & Sky at seanhanna
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Make up: Jose Base
Photography: Antony Mascolo & Roberto Aguilrer for TIGI
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