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Short Hair with a Glossy Finish

Bold asymmetry with a high gloss finish.
Extensions: Apply a blend of vibrant and soft copper Racoon Euro hair extensions in triangular sections either side of the head. Create a small triangular placement on the right side, with the base at the top of the head and the point to the ear. Then on the left side create a larger triangular placement in the reverse position with the base at the front of the head and the point to the crown. Applying the extensions in these placements naturally lend themselves to the asymmetric style of the final cut.
Styling: Use a razor to remove the bulk of the length and weight. Razor the ends to create a perfect point and then point cut the ends in order to blend the extensions and soften the finish and lighten the edges. To achieve a really glossy and polished finish, apply a little Racoon-Xtend Hair Serum over the hair.
Step by Step Instructions: Click here
Hair: Errol Douglas for Racoon International
Extensions: Racoon Artistic Team
Photography: Alex Cecchini
Styling: Robert Morrison
Make-Up: Irene Rogers
Collection: Pure Fusion