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Face Framing Hair Extensions

Sharp yet soft edges that flatter the face.
Extensions: Apply Racoon's Plum Vibrant Euro hair extensions in a horseshoe placement around the hairline at the nape of the neck, and then apply 3 solid rows of extensions that match the natural hair color. Create 3 triangular placements through the back with the point of all 3 triangles towards the crown of the head. Apply a block section of the Plum Vibrant Euro extensions in the left side triangular section to create a color placement with the rest of the extension work matching the natural hair color.
Styling: Create a thick, heavy fringe by cutting in a straight blunt line and then finish with a clipper to achieve a soft yet sharp edge. Use the razor to thin out the extensions and shatter the ends. Layer the hair and use a point cutting technique to blend the extensions and frame the face. Spritz the hair with Racoon-Xtend Thermal Defense and use styling irons to add definition to the shape of the style.
Hair: Errol Douglas for Racoon International
Extensions: Racoon Artistic Team
Photography: Alex Cecchini
Styling: Robert Morrison
Make-Up: Irene Rogers
Collection: Pure Fusion