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Bob with a Graphic Edge

Strong, bold shapes create modern appeal.
Extensions: Apply Racoon Euro hair extensions in an arc shaped section two fingers away from the front hairline. The extensions should match the natural hair color and be applied in 3 solid rows using Racoon's unique micro bond technique to create a full, thick and natural looking fringe.
Styling: Cut the extensions in a solid line on a graduated asymmetric angle from a sharp point just above the eyebrow to a sharp point at the cheekbone. Soften the line with a clipper in order to achieve a really sharp, blunt edge. Finish the look with a little Racoon-Xtend Hair Serum for a really glossy shine.
Step by Step Instructions: Click here
Hair: Errol Douglas for Racoon International
Extensions: Racoon Artistic Team
Photography: Alex Cecchini
Styling: Robert Morrison
Make-Up: Irene Rogers
Collection: Pure Fusion