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Pixie Haircut

The cut: In this cut, which looks to be a modified pixie, elongated to extremes without building bulk, razor texturing is used to create softness in an otherwise severe, straight style.
The color: Here we see the hair color as a styling feature. The model's light blonde locks are jazzed up with a broad streak of shimmering auburn down the center to create a pseudo-Mohawk look. It jazzes up an otherwise mild look with a touch of spice.
The style: By blow-drying the hair with product, the stylist creates soft straight locks, with extra volume in the top and crown areas of the head. Additional product applied to the fingers and worked through the hair for definition and final styling gives the soft look added texture and interest. With or without the zest of color, the hairstyle is imminently wearable and would serve virtually any walk of life.
Hair: Steven St. Clayr
Collection: Women's Hairstyles 2006
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