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Asymmetrical Bob in the Moonlight

A color as if bathed in the cool light of a full moon makes this bob turn heads. The cut features sharp lines along he fringe and on the sides, which are shaped in an A-line angle and have two different lengths. Chin length on one side and shoulder length on the other, this hairstyle will delight even the most discerning among us.
While the bangs are blunt, the sides show some soft texture in the tips. A beige blonde, cool and neutral has a silky shine, but you don't want it to be glossy to keep this moody elegance. Use a smoothing product to avoid frizz and flying hairs.
Collection: Moody Blues
Hair: Yesmin O'Brien at seanhanna
Styling: Rachel B
Make up: Amelia Pruen
Photography: Ben Cooke for TIGI
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