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Forties Round Roll Hairstyle

Few can compare to these dark kinky curls and the large round roll that buoyantly lies upon the model's forehead. A trendy glimpse from the forties exposes all of the memories of yesteryear and glamour that went with it. Use gloss for this super shiny coat.
The colors of blondes, browns and cinnamon enrich this lush rolling hairstyle that swings down to the edge of the face and then, folds over to the one side. The other side reveals the distinct sections styled smoothly down with the rewarding flip on the ends. Use thermo styling lotion for this class act.
Collection: Autumn-Winter
Hair & Make-Up: Lucie Saint-Clair
Creation Team Responsible: Sandro P. with Laurent
Photography: Philippe Quaisse
Jewelry: "Lucie Saint-Clair by Elke" Joaillerie
Styling: Marc & Pascal for l'Appart PR
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