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Colors and Curls

These cherub's locks are not your average curls. The frothy mane deserves a second and third glance, as you will discover more and more details, each time you look at this hairstyle. Not only are the curls perfectly shaped and separated just enough to make each one stand out without getting frizzy.
The curls also come in different shapes, with a few longer and more deconstructed shapes demanding our attention on the side of her face. To heighten the effect, a glow of purple was brought in, working its undeniable magic in the medium brown hair. Finesse without limits.
Collection: 2005/6 Collection
Hair: HOB Artistic Team
Art Direction: Akin Konizi @ HOB Salons
Photography: Thomas Warwick
Make-up: Stefane Knight
Styling: Robert Morrison
Products: Wella
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