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Short Razored Hairstyle

The cut: Once again we see the short crown razored or texted that graduates in length over the head in these layers just covering her neckline. The movement continues to flow to the strikingly heavy bangs that fall over the middle of the eyes.
The color: Bronzes of golds and browns bring radiance to this most fashionable hairdo.
The style: Apply a good moisturizing styling lotion and blow dry while moving your hands over your hair. Use a crimping iron here or there to crimp a bit if so desired and when done, place hair into position and spray.
Hairstyle with a short crown area Short hairstyle that covers the neckline - Side view
Collection: Women's hairstyles by Hairpoint by Perényi
Salon: Hairpoint By Perényi - Hungary
Photography: Höri
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