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A Shag with New Lines

The cut: The crown is cut quite short as it graduates longer towards the neck in fringed lines. The bangs have been given a bulk as part of the sides ride over the ear; blending in with the short crown and longer heavy bangs.
The color: Shades of a darker color begins in the crown with a reddish warm brown and flows down to the lighter golden tones along the model's neck. Bangs are a lighter and darker blonde to be set apart for this succession of color.
The style: The hair is gently combed allowing a few wisps to stand out in different directions revealing the unique cut. The bangs are grouped together and placed in position to harmonize the rest of this hairstyle.
Modern shag haircut with fringed lines Side view of a neck length haircut with a short crown
Collection: Women's hairstyles by Hairpoint by Perényi
Salon: Hairpoint By Perényi - Hungary
Photography: Höri
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