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Gel Style

With a hot black leather jacket he needs a hairstyle that stays with the theme. Nothing looks better for a rocking outfit than short hair, slicked back with some gel. This alternate styling shows off the handsome neckline, now with an up and outward curl. The fun part is in front and on the crown. This is where the creativity comes in as the crown hair is styled frontward in a diagonal line.
The short bangs on the other hand are directed in just the opposite direction, but with a lot of stand. Gel, narrow comb and finger styling are the tools for this much "bad boy" appeal.
Collection: CUT
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Michel de Vries
Products: REDKEN
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