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Light and Darkness

Long, straight lines with a thick fringe are designed with elegant simplicity in mind. But this is where the minimalism stops. Hair color is used in a dramatic contrast of black and blonde to create a double illusion. The top resembles a short, classic bob in an equally classic raven color.
The black ends at the jaw line and is followed by a mellow sandy, beige blonde. Both meet in one very straight, perfectly drawn line, which can only be created this way by a professional.
The best of all worlds in an extravagant look, which will hopefully inspire many more of its kind. Imagine this hairstyle in an up version and how the two tones can play out then! Possibilities are fascinating.
Collection: Colormetric
Hair: Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team at Trevor Sorbie International
Make-up: Mario Comparetto
Products: Trevor Sorbie Professional
Clothes styling: Xenia Bous
Photos: Stephan Ziehan
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