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Easy To Maintain Hairstyle

A true hybrid, this short hairstyle combines elements from the ever classic bob and the wispy, playful shag. The textured tresses are cut in long layers which hug the face from both sides, coming together just at chin level. Volume and softness with a good dose of sexy disheveling make for a truly sexy and sassy look.
Refreshing in its shape, easy to maintain and to style. The color is nothing less than smoldering with its transition from a strawberry blonde on the crown to the smooth Merlot color underneath. The styling is loose and casual with emphasis on showing off the texture.
Hair in a combination of a bob and shag
Loose and casual short hairstyle
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Collection: Claudia
Model: Claudia
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Hair: Team John Beerens Haarstudio
Make-Up: Pupa
Products: Alter Ego Italia
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