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18th Century Inspired Hairstyle

Beware of this proper Conquistador that triggers fantasies in every man's imagination, as this picture presents a striking and masterful aura. It is as if, this model is wearing a helmet, and most naturally; as if she were birthed with it. Her extravagant long ebony hair descends gracefully to her waist with gentle waves.
The top has been brought straight back, to be interlaced with the bulk of the hair on the top and the length of her hair. The design and color of the dress boldly compliments the models skin and the designer's special touch of his creative hairstyle.
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Styling: Beñat Yanci
Products: L'oréal Professionnel
Photography: David Muñiz
Art Work: Astrain Diseño
Collection: Art Collection