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18th Century Inspired Hairstyle

The bullfighter stood in a perfect posture and stamped his foot and shouted with authority "Ah, El Toro! El Toro!" The crowd cheered in the seats as they watched El Toro snort and glare back challenging the Matador. His hoof began to stomp the ground, as his head suddenly whipped up and raced toward the red cape. The spectators went wild with roars and applause.

So it is, with Mr. Luzea's fantasy fashion of his own customized El Toro, complete with horns. A brilliant contrast of the milky skin and the white costume produces the raven black hair to capitalize in a most remarkable way . This long dark hair has been interwoven around the horns to look as if they belong on the models head and complete with a long seducing braid. Ole!
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Styling: Beñat Yanci
Products: L'oréal Professionnel
Photography: David Muñiz
Art Work: Astrain Diseño
Collection: Art Collection