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Hair Loss & Thinning Hair (2)

Female Hair Loss
Female pattern baldness or female androgenic alopecia involves a typical pattern of loss of hair in women.
Genetic Hair Loss: Treatments and Testing
Until very recently the only options for dealing with the hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia were acceptance or concealment.
Hair Loss and Diabetes
A sudden loss of hair is a common symptom of diabetes, and is often one of the first signs that prompt diabetes sufferers into seeking medical attention.
Hair Loss and the Benefits of Biotin
Biotin is a familiar component in the hair production process for follicles to remain vibrant and healthy.
Hair Loss in Teenagers and Adults
Severe hair loss is indiscriminating in age, ethnicity and gender and is a direct result of many different factors.
Tips to Prevent Hair Loss
Prevent hair loss and find the right solution to bring your hair back.
Hair Loss Concealers
Hair loss concealers to mask thinning hair and spray to cover bald spots.
Hair Loss Q&A
Questions and answers about hair loss.
Hair Thickening Service
With Balmain's Hair+ Volume Secret a product is now available that gives hairdressers the right tools to help women who are dealing with fine, thin hair on top.
Menopausal Changes
Many women experience hair loss during menopause as a result of fluctuations of the major hormones of the body. Hormones also play a vital role in the proper growth of hair and other types of cells in the body
Scientists Make Advances in Research for Baldness Cure
News reports have revealed some very interesting news in the field of men's hair-loss research and are making progress toward potential treatments for the problem.
Stress Can Cause Hair Loss
Hair loss can be stress related. Unfortunately, there isn't any way to avoid stress in our lives.
Books about Hair Loss
Books with information about hair loss.
What is the value of hair?
Can we put a value on hair? And if so, what would it be?
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