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Facial Hair Growth Problem (2)

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You need to commit to your facial hair. Give it time to grow, and try to deal with symptoms like itching and discomfort caused as the hair grows. With time, the hair will soften, and you can always use conditioners and lotions to help keep coarser hair soft and the skin free of irritation. And you have to accept the hair you have. If your facial hair allows you to grow a thick full beard, so be it, but if there are areas that are sparse, look for facial hair styles that work with the pattern of hair growth you have.
Finally, it's important that you don't try to self-medicate or use medications (even over-the-counter varieties) in ways that are inconsistent with their intended dosing and labeling. Many medications are usable on a variety of conditions and unless you know about potential side effects, you can do yourself more harm than good by ignoring the product warnings.
Stacy - Master Cosmetologist
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