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5 New Ways to Wear a Scarf

lady wearing a silk scarf As all you fashion conscious women would know, scarves are a must to complete your fashion accessory list. Scarves are made in various sizes like squares, rectangles, short, and long. The fabrics also differ according to the season.
Wool scarves go best in winters, while cotton scarves in bright color are best suited for summer and spring. Silk scarves are exotic pieces in themselves and when you add them to your dress, they transform your dress to make you look very chic.
Be on the look out for those beautiful, bright and exotic silk and linen scarves. These will not only liven up your dress, but also add that summery jubilation to your whole personality.
But a scarf can complement your dress only when you wear them properly. I know you would be wondering how to wear them this season to look your fashionable best. Well don’t worry as I have just learnt five new ways to wear a scarf and I am going to share them with you.
1. The Bow-Tie Look
You always wanted to tie a bow-tie, but you know they qualify as men’s fashion? Well here’s another way to fulfill your wish. Your scarf will help you to transform this men-only fashion into a feminine one. Just wrap your scarf around your neck and tie a bow in the front, just like you tie your shoelaces.
2. Reverse Wrap Look
Wrap your scarf around your neck in such a way that the two tips fall on your back. Now pull each end over the opposite shoulder. The length will be asymmetrical and this will make you look very chic. Try this style with jeans, tight tops or short skirts.
3. Cowboy Look
If you have bought a square scarf, then you can do the cowboy look. Fold the scarf through its diagonals and knot it in the front to give you a cowboy’s collar.
4. Twisted Loop look
Bored with the common single-knot look with your scarf? Here’s a good idea. Twist your scarf very tightly until it becomes totally twisted. Put the twisted scarf around your neck and tie a knot and see how it turns heads.
5. Side Knot Look
Another style that I recently saw and liked a lot is the side knot. It is pretty simple, but gives awesome results. Just wrap your scarf around your neck and then keep one end hanging, but tuck the other end out of sight. This style will look very good on scarves sporting famous paintings.
So get up and prepare to turn heads around with these new ways to tie scarves. Whether in the office or at social gatherings, always remember that scarves are one of the most versatile accessories that a woman has got.
You can wear a scarf any way you want – tie it on your shoulder bag to add a dash of color, make a headdress or bandana, or make a colorful belt for your dress. So get those scarves out of your closet and start showing a new you to the world. Learn how to tie a scarf.
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