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Underwear Essentials (2)

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6. Sports Bra
These are best for women who take active participation in sports. It not only provides good support, but also provides comfort.
7. T-shirt Bra
As the name suggests this is basically worn under a T-shirt as these do not show the bra lines when wearing a T-shirt.
8. Bra Tops
These are comfortable and casual lounging-at-home bras. But now-a-days they are also coming in chic designs and can be worn as tops.
9. Strapless
These are required when you are wearing a strapless dress or a tank top.
10. Lace
These are exotic bras in satin and are meant to increase your sex appeal.
11. Seamless
These are best to be worn when you are wearing those tight fitting tops and don't want the bra lines to show.
III. Stockings
1. Knee-High
These are stockings that come up to the knees. They look good under over-the-knee skirts etc.
2. Thigh-High
These stocking comes up to the thigh. This needs garter belt to hold them up. These also look good under over-the-knee dresses and add to the sex appeal.
3. Tights
These are made up of thicker material and are good for cold weather.
4. Panty Hose
These are for everyday use and help you to keep your legs warm in a cold climate. Always buy panty hoses in neutral colors, which give the best look.
With the above list in place, I am sure you know wich ones you need to stock up on. Also remember to be careful to wear the appropriate underwear with your outfit. You also need to keep in mind the kind of activity you will be doing while choosing your undergarments as some activities (like running) might require more support than others.
Time for some shopping girls?
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