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Style Tips for the Top Heavy Girl (2)

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• Always go for flat-front pants as this would make your waist area look trimmer.
• Avoid skinny trousers. But if you want to wear one, then wear a long tunic over it.
• Avoid jeans with darker washes if you don't want your hips to appear smaller.
5. Play with Skirts
You can complement your figure by choosing the right kind of skirt. Shorter skirts will highlight your legs and give a feel of slimmer and proportionate body.
• Choose A-line skirts that will give you a more proportionate appearance.
• Go for skirts having a higher waistline, so that your stomach will be camouflaged.
• Select skirts made of chiffon and silk as these materials will give you a slimmer and proportionate contour.
• Avoid slim miniskirts otherwise these will make you look even more top heavy.
6. Right Colors and Patterns
Always remember to wear dark colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom. Dark colors on the top will give a slimmer appearance and bright colours in the bottom will highlight your slimmer legs and hips and so will create a perfect symmetry. Also avoid bold patterns, large checks, and large buttons on your top.
7. Shoe Basics
To complete your look, you need to wear the right kind of shoes that will flatter your figure.
• Go for shoes that accentuate your legs to make them look longer.
• You can pick up strappy sandals with smaller heels. But go for brief and thinner straps, otherwise they will make you look squatty.
• Kitten heels look wonderful on smaller calves.
• Invest on a few wedges as they will help in balancing your top.
• Avoid very high heels, even though they are good for providing that extra height.
Wear them only when you are confident enough not to trip.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop for all those dresses which will make you gorgeous and beautiful. Always remember that to feel stylish, confident, happy, and beautiful you need to choose clothes with the right cut, pattern, and color that flatters your body type.
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