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The Stylish Sneaker Shopping Guide (2)

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• For top downs, you can choose from Reebok. Reebok is coming out with the new range of top-downs for women in the combination of purple, white, and grey colors. These sneakers also have a new roll-down feature with colorful and vivid print patterns which will add to your style.
• Everybody knows that women love satin. So why not have it on your feet as well? Lavin has made that wish come true with their new launch. I think every woman should have a pair of Lavin’s WMNS Satin and Patent Leather sneakers in their wardrobe. Who would not like to slide their feet in satin and still have all the comfort of a sneaker? Out in Taupe and Parme colors, these have two sets of laces, which give them a very feminine look.
• If you would love to sport the metallic look sometimes, then don’t forget to check out the Freestyle Hi International Metallic number from Reebok. It comes in the shades of pink, silver and purple, but my personal favorite is the pink one. These come in patented leather and reinforced heels and will give a metallic and rock star look to your whole attire.
The spring/summer 2009 is looking really great for all fashionable and stylish sneaker lovers like me and I am busy stashing away cash to get my hands on these cool numbers. So be ready to have a wonderful sneaker summer…I’m already drooling!
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