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Style Tips for Women With Small Busts (2)

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• Lighter colored tops tend to accentuate your bust, whereas darker colors like black make it look smaller.
Push up bras?
• Of course, push bras are a great invention for you; they are always handy when you need a quick fix solution. But use them sparingly; after all, you are proud of your bust!
Flat chested girls have some great advantages vis a vis their larger counterparts:
a) When a man is looking at you, you are sure that he is actually interested either in your face or in you as a girl. Many men tend to confuse large breasts with microphones!
b) You can go braless as often as possible without worrying about spilling anything.
c) You don't need to worry about sagging breasts.
d) and finally, your bra will always cost less than your larger sister's bra! The key is to love your body and accept it as a gift from nature. Work out your other assets and there is no reason why you can't be or are not already sexier and more stylish than others.
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