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Tips for Maternity Wear (2)

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• Form fitting clothes are much better than the loose baggy types, as the former make you look more sensuous and more feminine as compared to the latter.
• Consider layering a bit, so that you can take off that sweater over your camisole when you get that sudden heat attack.
• Accessorize as much as it looks good. Wearing a chunky piece of necklace for example takes the focus back to your face. Good accessories therefore help you in presenting a more balanced picture.
• Maternity lingerie is another important piece of clothing that needs attention. Don’t buy more than a couple of bras at a time, as your breasts tend to change shape and size very quickly.
• Buy the bras that let you adjust not only the band size but shoulder straps as well. You may not need a special maternity bra, though if you plan on breastfeeding, give a thought to buying a nursing bra. Maternity panties in differen sizes and comfortable and stretchable fabric are also commonly available.
• Shoes are the final piece of essentials in your maternity cupboard.
• The emphasis here is on comfort and practicality. Just like the rest of the body, your feet also expand during pregnancy.
• Choose flats or kitten heels for comfort factor as your feet take a lot of stress.
• Consider buying slip-ons as they save you the trouble of bending.
With that unmatched glow on the face and in eyes, it is said that a woman actually looks her best when she is pregnant. So why not make the best out of this stage of your life with a little thoughtful choice in wardrobe. Hopefully with this guide in your hand you will find planning and shopping for maternity wear a much less stressful if not enjoyable activity.
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