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How to Match Shoes with Your Outfit (2)

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• A sexy mini skirt with equally sexy high heeled knee length leather boots is perfect but only if you can carry it off like breeze. This combo is all about attitude.
• If you are wearing Capri pants, then platforms would look great with them. Feeling more daring than that? In that case opt for sandals with heels high enough to make you nosebleed.
• Some clunky loafers with medium heel would be great with a medium length casual skirt.
General outings and other casual occasions
• Even in your daily routine life, paying attention to matching the shoes and your outfits will pay rich dividends.
• Platforms and the good old pair of denim jeans make an infallible pair, though flats would be equally nice
• With palazzo trousers open toed flats would work very well, though if you don't have to walk much and if you prefer something sassier then medium to high heels should be good.
Matching the color
• While matching the color of the shoes with your outfit which is a two piece outfit, it's better to match the color with the color of the bottom piece. That's because it gives an illusion of length and makes you look thinner.
• Even if you are already quite thin, matching the shoes with the top breaks the continuity of the look.
Just remember that these were the basic guidelines with a few examples thrown in, just to drive home the importance and techniques of shoe and outfit matching. With your creativity, the sky is the limit.
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