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10 Style Tips for the Short

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8. Wear Narrow Belts
If you want to wear belts, then go for narrower belts that match your dress. Wide and contrast colored belts divide the body and breaks the vertical illusion of looking taller that you want to create.
9. Select the Right Kind of Shoes
Always go for high heels. The higher, the better as they will make you look taller and slimmer. Add stilettos, pumps, and sling-backs to your wardrobe. Avoid tall boots and shoes with ankle straps as it will cut the length of your legs and make them look shorter.
10. Steer Clear of Oversized Bags
Avoid oversized hand bags as they tend to dominate and overwhelm the stature of a petite woman. Instead go for medium sized bags, which will make them look proportionate to your size.
Follow these tips to create illusions with your dresses and see how they transform your look and feel. Change your wardrobe according to these tips and be prepared to be serenaded with lots of wow's and oohs the next time you meet your friends.
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