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The Little Black Dress (2)

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The little black dress for the ladies’ brunch
• The LBD, a grey chunky sweater with a wide black belt and metallic flat shoes to finish. Let’s go for that brunch!
The little black dress for the night out
• Just the LBD with a pair of fishnet stockings, sassy stilettos and dangling ear rings.
• Try some funky accessories with a regular spaghetti LBD…a violet silk bow tie, a top hat, a little fake fur cape, or fluorescent fingerless gloves.
So you see the term Little Black Dress is actually a misnomer, an irony, for there is nothing little about this rock star. It is a timeless, all season, all occasion, evergreen (rather everblack!) piece of clothing. The above examples are just a drop of fuel to fire away your imagination, for the possibilities are countless. A bit of creativity, a touch of ingenuity and thou shall shine in black.
Radhika Basu Thakur  ©