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How to Downplay a Large Butt (2)

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4. Dresses
For evenings, wear empire dresses and avoid bias-cut and clingy styles.
5. Color
• Dark colors give slimming effect to a figure. Wear dark brown, charcoal, and black as base colors.
• You can wear bright colored blouses or tops and add neck accessories to shift focus to your upper body.
• Avoid clothes with horizontal lines around your bottom.
6. Accessories
• Use accessories to divert attention to your face and upper body.
• Use earrings, brooches, and necklaces in such a way, that the attention shifts to your upper body.
• If you have to wear belts, then wear a hipster belt which flits across a bum.
Hipster belts have the property to halve the size of a big bottom.
7. Body Shapers
You can also downplay your ample bum with body shapers. These not only make your bottom look slim, bit also improves the look of an outfit. Go for these magic knickers to give the right shape and size to your ample bottom.
Having a big butt is actually pretty cool. I mean look at J Lo and Kylie Minogue - the world is drooling over their sexy butts. So go ahead and rock those parties and look great and remember to flaunt that butt. But if you're still feeling conscious, use a few of our tips and highlight some of your best features, like those well-toned legs.
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