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The 70s Disco Look (2)

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Now that you have an idea of the basic 70’s disco fashion sensibilities, here are some tips on how to attain that look:
• Remember, what might be considered as loud and tacky today was totally fashionable in a typical 70’s disco, so the first step is to shed any inhibitions and proceed with an open mind.
• Look for some shiny bright colored cloths in synthetic fibers, like described above.
• For make up you can try blue eye shadows with fake eyelashes. Use lots of glitter and transform yourself into a walking talking shiny disco ball.
• If you are looking for a shirt, then go for a ‘loud’ printed shirt or one with floral prints. If you can’t find it, get hold of some spray paint and print your own shirt. Pair it with tight flares. Platform shoes would ideal to finish this look.
• The 70’s look is the best excuse for you to display your bling side to the fullest. Lots of fake gold jewelry would be perfect!
• Finally, any 70’s disco look is incomplete with the proper attitude: “I am the coolest thing in the world and no one can beat me on the dance floor”
70’s was the fun decade, when people still didn’t know terms like loud and tacky. In the modern times every fashion trend has come to be defined by its own specifics, any deviation is considered a folly. That’s why we always crave to go back to 70’s when the fashion was all about “staying alive” on the dance floor.
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