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Let's Bring Back Some Class

Is it my imagination? Are my eyes deceiving themselves when I see the baby beginnings of lush waves coming back to our society? Could this mean the comeback of class?
Ho- hum and yawn, goes to those who wear expensive designer gowns with their hair spilling over their bare shoulders without any jewelry, simply because this is the trend for today. Trends come and go, but if you would like people to remember you, strive to have class.
classy lady Let’s talk about class. The word itself is exciting because it means “social rank, high social rank, high quality elegance.” Have you ever given thought to what it would be like to be tabbed “elegant?” This is when you walk into the room and both women and men alike murmur their ooohs and aaaahs because they’ve become dumbstruck just by your presence. We are talking about nice whisperings. I’m not talking about the queen either, but a simple well fashioned, well coiffed lady. Notice, I said lady. Non ladies cannot be elegant only because haven’t given much thought about the issue. For some, this would seem old fashioned. However, if they decide a change is in the wind, they too can always strive to be elegant.
When a lady is elegant she has learned social manners. This does not make her a prude; it is simply because she cares to guard her reputation in all areas of her life. How many elegant ladies can you count upon your fingers today? If there is one elegant lady to every 25 to 50 ladies today, think how popular she must be because she stands out in the crowd. Pure class, they say! How can they really tell the difference? For one, it is the way she holds herself when she stands. Her posture is straight, she doesn’t slump, this means she always holds in her tummy. When she sees someone across the room who is staring at her, she simply nods in acknowledgement and turns her head. Never for a minute will she stare, so unlike Hollywood’s films. Some would call her uppity or stuck up, but she knows her worth and has set her standards high and will not relent for a minute. She walks with her head held up, yet; still greeting others with a smile.
Her thinking is such that, why expose what she has in the public arena, it is precious; for her future husband and besides, what mystery would be left? She is modest, (a seemingly dying virtue of today) as she sits down, she moves her legs over to one corner of the chair and crosses one ankle over the other as a well trained lady. She dresses tasteful and conservatively, never revealing too much, for she isn’t there to be sexy, but classy. A classy lady goes more for tailored clothes instead of the flash of trends. She shops for quality instead of quantity, this means cotton, silk and linen instead of polyester. Her choices in color would be wine instead of bright red, gold instead of yellow and a muted teal instead of turquoise. In that way, she is not shouting to the world, but instead confidently saying: “I am.” She also refuses to be hypocritical in her shoes and refuses to wear stilettos if she knows they will hurt her later on in life. Class has wisdom and thinks about tomorrow.
Her hair is awesomely beautiful. If it is short, she might wear it in an easy to style elfin pixie type that frames her lovely eyes and Mona Lisa smile. She might have a few subtle highlights in the front. If her hair is short to medium length, she could have lovely deep rich waves that promote her feminine appeal and soften the curves around her face. This lady doesn’t care for trends, or what is the latest fad, but she has learned to buy only what brings out the best for her, like her hairstyle does. If she has long hair, she wears it up when she goes out, unless she is going to be playing tennis, and then it is in a ponytail or a bun; her hair is neat, unless she is playing sports. She knows the value of a good haircut.
Her jewelry would be small to medium rather than large and gaudy. Her makeup is very light and neutral. Her finger and toe nails are meticulously kept up, but this doesn’t unavoidably mean that she doesn’t try to wear gloves in the garden or get her hands dirty cleaning the house or wash her dogs. A classy woman is you and me, when we decide to live with high values that are exhilarated by a progressive mind set.
Being a classy woman isn’t necessarily a woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But it does mean she is someone who cares for her reputation, has high standards and cares the way she carries herself in her conversation, her actions, her dress and lifestyle. She has given herself a set of high principles to live by and doesn’t see herself yielding her beliefs for anyone.