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Shopping for Career Wear (2)

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• You would do well to keep in mind the exact domain of your job. If you are in a financial organization, business smart should be your theme, whereas working in a fashion magazine would entail keeping your self abreast of the latest fashion trends and reflecting that in your wardrobe. But if you are in a more exciting and rewarding profession like pole dancing, then none of these guidelines would apply to you!
• Accessories are a good idea to break the monotony of business suits, again, key is using your discretion and being minimal.
• As they say, ‘your dress should reflect the job that you want, and not the one you currently have.’ The point is, being perched at the lower end of the hierarchy shouldn’t stop you from dressing like a corporate honcho, if that’s what you want to be. It shows your confidence and eagerness to climb upwards.
For any woman, dressing for work is more often than not, a conflict between appropriate and feminine, which is unfortunate because there is no reason why it can’t be both at the same time. You have all the right to feel feminine and sexy in whatever you wear. However flaunting skin and wearing flashy clothes are not the best way to go at work; a well tailored business suit exudes much more confidence and feminine sensuality than the former.
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