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The Bustier (2)

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As lingerie or as a top?
• Primarily, bustiers have been designed to be worn as lingerie; however nothing's stopping you if you want wear it on its own. It boils down to your preferences and attitude.
• A bustier worn on its own with a pair of jeans looks quite trendy. However just make sure that its good enough to be worn outside; E.g. you wouldn't want to wear a bustier on its own with transparent cups.
• A bustier can go with a lot of accessories like suitable garter belts, long length stockings, high heels and elbow length gloves to complete the Moulin rouge style get up. These accessories are more suited for your "evening in".
• For evening out, use some chunky necklace and it should be enough, though you can keep the gloves for a classy look.
Finally, it's best to remember that bustiers despite all their virtues are not the most comfortable piece of clothing. Therefore keep your comfort at the forefront before wearing a bustier. Otherwise a bustier is simply the most feminine and sexiest garment that you can have in your wardrobe.
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