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How To Dress According To Your Body Shape (2)

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Dressing for an oval shaped figure is very similar to dressing for a diamond body. Some extra bits of advice would be to avoid tops with high necklines as you shouldn’t be accentuating your heavier bust. Instead opt for a V-neck that minimizes your bust and also elongates your face and necklines. Another good way to elongate your face and neck is to wear longer, dangling earrings. Also, instead of wearing clothes with figure-hugging waistlines, pick a dress or a top with a waist line that flows.
The Hourglass
This is considered to be the “perfect” body. You have a body that is perfectly balanced so your upper and lower bodies are proportionate and you have a well-defined waistline. Some of you may have a heavier bottom or top so dress accordingly.
Dressing with an hourglass figure is simple because almost everything will look good on you. You need to work on highlighting your curves and soft and clingy fabrics usually do a very good job of that. If your bust is heavy, avoid high necklines and big collars. If you’re bottom heavy, steer clear of the tapered pants.
Next time you go shopping, keep these tips in mind and shop for your shape. Trust me, it makes shopping so much easier.
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