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Beauty Trends for Fall (2)

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BoHo Chic: Another retro trend is the Bohemian look of loosely defined curls and an asymmetrically-placed braid. Just take your hair and in random segments, wrap the hair loosely around a curling iron to create soft waves. Add in a single, braided lock at any place you wish on either side of the head and you have a classic BoHo look that works perfectly with long flowy dresses and layered looks.
The overall elements of the Fall Trends for 2012 seem to incorporate the dual styling of sleeker, more controlled locks in the foreground, with loose and free-flowing locks in the rear. A smooth, side-swept fringe and forelock in front of a mussed tousle of waves makes a trendy statement. And even if you need to stick to more conventional styling – up-dos and chignons – keep things loose. The looks for Fall 2012 are all about the freedom and movement of the hair. And looking a little wind-blown can’t hurt.
The Fall 2012 runways also saw a number of styles that featured unusual and attention-grabbing accessories. Don’t be afraid to adorn your hairstyles this fall, whether it’s a gleaming antique hair clasp from a vintage shop, or a loose up-do dotted with lots of sculpted floral clips. Add some sparkle and pop to the look in unusual ways, too: try shoelaces and leather straps as wrappings for your long-loose ponytail, or weave lengths of antique beads into your braids.
Be creative, pick something you might not normally think to use as a hair accessory (that is usually still something worn) and think of ways to incorporate it. Combine the hard sleek looks with soft, care-free areas for a duality in the style. As discussed above, the sleek foreground and free-flowing, or voluminous rear portions are a great starting point.
Just remember that although something is meant to look “free and easy” doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to create. You want controlled grooming that creates specific effects, not just half-made efforts to tame your bed-head while calling it the current trend.
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